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In the summer of 2004, two women—a counselor and a fifth grade teacher– dreamt of how they could be of greater service, in a larger capacity, to children with emotional and behavioral disturbances.
Harvest Outreach is that dream made manifest.​


​​Since its inception in Fall 2004, the Harvest Outreach Center has grown from one program with two employees to now offering six programs over 30 employees. Currently, Harvest serves 70-85 children and families on any given day. This is an accomplishment, considering the program began with only 5 children.


Martha and Carrington began counseling, mentoring, and tutoring children 1:1

The Campbell County CSA asked Harvest Outreach to take over the Behavioral Aide program that existed in 5 elementary schools in Campbell County.



Harvest Outreach Center became incorporated. The Campbell County FAPT, Family Assessment Planning Team, asked Harvest to provide an after school program for all of the children they served, five days a week.

Harvest Outreach beganTherapeutic Day Treatment services in area rural schools with youth counselors assisting to keep children in their schools.


Youth Service Award: Project Giving Back – Children at Harvest Outreach plan, grow, and harvest organic vegetables, herbs, and flowers not only for their own families, but also for those in need within the community. The award was used for the purchase of a greenhouse, which allowed the project to continue year round. Harvest was also honored with the Community Champion Award of the greater Lynchburg area.



Harvest Outreach became licensed to provide Outpatient Therapy in the form of individual, group, and family counseling.

• Youth Service Award – Play Therapy
• Centra Foundation grant – Harvest Connections.



Harvest Outreach became licensed under the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services. That same year the Campbell County CSA requested Harvest Outreach to start an alternative day program for children who had been expelled from school due to their behaviors, or who couldn’t otherwise function in the regular school setting.Award of the greater Lynchburg area.